The story of the B-24 crew presented in Last Flight Home is also featured in a new book by Wil S. Hylton.


A documentary film about searching for and finding POW/MIAs

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About the Film

"The 'Last Flight Home' documents the story of Dr. Patrick Scannon's work searching for and finding missing World War II aircraft and the MIAs associated with them in Palau. A ferocious battleground nearly forgotten by history, yet more than 200 US aircraft went down on and around the islands. Almost half of those with crew now listed as Missing In Action.

Over 60 years ago all the familes got was a telegram. Whereabouts unknown, Missing In Action. And over the generations these families have refused to forget and refused to stop waiting. For an answer, for their return, for some clue as to what happened. Surprising though it may be, hope has remained. Then, the phone call out of the blue, "Are you the nephew of Arthur Miller?", finally brings the answers. Dr. Scannon furthers his research into the MIAs of Palau by scouring the National Archives, After Action Reports, and interviews with veterans of the campaign, no stone left unturned.

Scannon's small team of self funded private citizens have taken on these tasks simply as a way of thanking the MIAs and their families for the sacrifices made decades ago. Our film follows the story of three searches in Palau and the families touched by the work. Filmed over the course of nearly six years and seven expeditions to Palau, where we thought the adventure was to be found. It was our delight to discover the adventure and heart of the story here in the U.S. with the families."


"Congratulations on a touching, restless haunt of a film….... I've been deeply impressed, Last Flight Home did not let me go for a long time after the screen went dark."

-Richard Bach, author


".....this film is absolutely amazing truly Well Done!! and evidence that those still listed as MIA are not forgotten."

-Rear Admiral Bonnie Potter U.S. Navy, Surgeon, Retired


"...the film is part history lesson, part detective story and all human interest, segueing effortlessly from jungle and watery searches, to profiles of lost airmen, to interviews with their families....."

-Jim Hooper, author of
"100 Feet Over Hell"


Six years of blood, sweat, and tears in combination with a huge roller-coaster ride of emotions that has lasted for seven expeditions to Palau since 2001, interviews with families of the MIAs in our story in seven US states, all of this to amass over 230 hours of footage and in the process go through six pairs of jungle boots, three wet suits and two skin suits, one pair of sunglasses (that were refound in the debris field of an MIA Corsair site), numerous bumps, bruises, and blisters, untold amounts of sashimi devoured, over two dozen U.S. aircraft found, nearly 20 MIA mysteries solved, and countless hearts touched.


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